The Ice Cream Showcase has a high visibility and can display ice cream very well. When all kinds of ice cream are placed in the ice cream display cabinet, it is more attractive to attract customers.
Chenjia Electric Co., Ltd. designs a series of electrical appliances, among which their ice cream display cabinets are very popular, using advanced technology and advanced materials. The performance is high and the price is reasonable, so it is very popular.

Generally speaking, determinate how much it cost a showcase is impossible.

After these considerations the choice will only depend on you, on your taste for design and the prices of course. I don't know if finally you will buy it from us but don't go too cheap! A low quality cabinet freezer can only give you problems and melting icecream and difficult to keep constant temperature. Keep an eye also on size. Bigger is nicer but a too big showcase is not handy for your staff, the operators, as it is too high and they will need a platform to work comfortable and also the children, that are your potential customers, will be affect in the ice cream visual.
Or a really small ice cream cart as well as a small freezer with some ice cream cups can give you the opportunity to start a business.

If you have any questions about Chenjia Ice Cream Showcase, please contact Chenjia Electric Co., Ltd.