Square Bolt can be divided into a ring direction and a longitudinal direction. In some designs, the circumferential direction is consistent with the longitudinal specification. In some designs, two sizes, even two strength levels, are used in the circumferential direction and the longitudinal direction. In general, the length of the circumferential square bolt is longer than the longitudinal square bolt. In the construction of tunnels, there is a kind of equipment for the originating and excavating machine called shield machine, which has the functions of excavating cutting soil, conveying soil, assembling tunnel lining, etc. However, when the shield machine is in the tunnel lining, Several pieces of pipe are assembled, and a kind of screw is used for fastening and fastening to form a cylindrical pipe. The pipe piece is a cylindrical wall; it can effectively control the ground settlement and reduce the impact on the ground building during excavation. And when excavating under water does not affect the surface traffic, etc., the pieces are combined to form a pipe, which is designed as a straight or curved joint fastening member, which is a body bolt.

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