Travelers always take Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour among the multiple travel routes of Tibet to Nepal tour. The reason why most travelers have deep love for Lhasa to Kathmandu tour route is that this route gives travelers a visual feast of traditional customs and natural scenery.  What's even more important is that travelers can get used to the altitude of Lhasa city at 3680m first, then move forward gradually to other places with a higher elevation.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour provides you a chance to feel the age-old Buddhism in Lhasa where Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Jokhang Temple and Sera Monastery are the representativeness. At the scenic spots in Lhasa, you may walk with the devotional pilgrims shoulder by shoulder who are come from the remote areas by foot. They have faith in Buddhism, and they spare no effort to get to Lhasa - the holiest place in the world. 

Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour Route:

The first scenery spot is Yamdrok Tso, the most attractive lake in Tibet. Here, you can take some photos and video the impressive view as a memento for your trip. Karo La Glacier is nearby, so it’s convenient for you to have a visit. Then get a close look at Gyantse and the Pelkhor Chöde Monastery where the building leaves the trace of old time. Shigatse is also worth visiting because it is the largest city in Tibet except for Lhasa. Next destination of this trip is the North Face Everest Base Camp where you can have the best sight of the peak of Everest. In order to have an exciting experience of climbing, you will pass by the Central Himalaya. Here, not only can you feel the grandeur of the 14th highest peak - Shishapangma, standing outside the countless mountains, but also you can enjoy the picturesque lake - Peiku Tso. Then, go down the mountain, and enter Kyirong town which is located in the Tibet Nepal Border. This main border was closed, but now it reopens again.

After ending your trip in Tibet, you will start a new trip to Nepal. When you enter the border of Nepal, you will go to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. In Kathmandu, you will stay several days to enjoy the Kathmandu Tour. A holy Hindu temple - Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and stupa in the Himalaya are deserved to visit. Apart from these, Bhaktapur, the UNESCO heritage site cannot be missed in Nepal. To sum up, you could have a pleasant time in Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour Season:

In a year, the best season for travelers to have Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour is in April, May, October, and November. Because the weather is fine, the sky is blue, the air is clean, and the view is beautiful in these months. Travelers could have the best experience during the tour. In December and January, it has a lot of rain and snow, and it is very cold. In June to September, it rains a lot with clouds in the sky, so tourists couldn’t have a clear view of Everest and other mountains. From mid-February to early April, all international tourists are not allowed to enter Tibet for some reasons.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour Transportation:

There are three main available means of transportation, airplane, train, and bicycle. The most convenient and fastest transportation is the airplane, and most travelers take planes when they have Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour. There are 8 flights per week, you can take a direct flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu provided by Sichuan Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

There are some difficulties for tourists to take trains. Because there is no direct railway in this tour route. But in the coming years, the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway will be extended the route of Lhasa to Kathmandu by the hard work of the government in China and Nepal. The third way- cycling is exciting. As the most popular way, this way takes travelers 13-16 days to finish the 1000 - kilometer distance. It’s a good chance for travelers to enjoy the marvelous scenery of Himalayan Ranges, feel the tough road of the pilgrims, and touch the beauty of nature.

We have designed a suitable way for bikers of Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour. You can start from Lhasa with other bikers, then arrive in Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya, Sino-Nepal Border, Kathmandu one by one. Trying this route, you will be grateful for this pleasant experience.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour is popular, and the information about the tour will benefit you. Wish you have an impressive trip!