If you are in the vertical transportation industry or are simply an enthusiast, and have been to YouTube recently, you have no doubt seen the thousands of elevators being filmed. The elevator filming community is very active and continues to grow.
On other social media sites you can find dozens of photos of the elevators they are riding as well.

One elevator type you won’t find many videos or pictures of however, is Small Elevators For Homes… and for good reason – they’re “private” installations. If you rang my doorbell with a camcorder in your hand asking to film my elevator (assume for a moment I own one in my home), I don’t think I would let you in. OK I personally would because I like elevators too, but you get my point: most homeowners would not.

Anyway, that’s where Elevator World’s Photo Contest comes in! Many companies have submitted some amazing photos of these rarely seen elevators in the three years since we started the contest. More often times than not, they are highly customized installations that must cater to the needs and wants of the home owner. This isn’t as difficult when it’s a new construction home, but that is not always the case. Some things that must be considered when installing in existing homes include: to install on the outside or inside; how to work around the existing stair case; maintaining the character of the home (there have been several installed in historical homes) and obviously the overall aesthetics of the new installation. No pressure, right?