3D Model Printing Jonathan Marchessault Womens Jersey , is another term for rapid prototyping – or 3D printing. What is 3D Model printing? This is a rising technology that is becoming more and more available for consumers, artists, and businesses to gain access to. This technology is basically the creation of products through layer by layer fusing of certain materials at very small increments at a time, allowing for precision at levels as thin as 16 microns (0.0006“). This allows for very precise designs to come to life. How does it work? A 3D artist or engineer would create a design of a product on a computer through various software’s, and then the computer generated image (CGI) would be transferred to a 3D printing machine. This machine would then abide to the design, and create the object layer by layer out of one of many materials. So where is this going?


Although new Brad Hunt Womens Jersey , right now 3D printing is becoming a profitable business. Companies are rising up to provide the 3D Model Printing services to artists, engineers, designers, and even consumers. These companies are offering a wide variety of options, giving consumers and artists a lot of freedoms. For example, artists have a variety of choices in size to choose from when it comes down to 3D Model Printing. Many companies offer similar envelope sizes William Karlsson Womens Jersey , but some companies offer over 50 materials, while others only offer under 10. Most large 3D Model Printing companies offer a store for artists – a place for artists to make some serious income.


At these companies, 3D artists can upload designs to the store, where the item may be purchased by anyone, including the artist. When a sale is made, the artists receive commission Max Pacioretty Womens Jersey , at some places up to 35%. Once an item is loaded onto a company’s store, it will stay there. As time passes by, people may purchase the design again and again, leading to residual income. If an artist would continue uploading relevant, interesting products to stores online, his or her residual income would gradually rise at a relatively consistent rate. This could make serious money for artists!


Companies that host stores empower artists and designers to express themselves. Some of these 3D Model Printing companies offer more than just the printing service; many offer a community of designers and artists who live Oscar Dansk Womens Jersey , eat, and sleep 3D. This can be valuable for any 3D artists starting out, as not only can these artists make money¸ but they can expose themselves to other artists who are much more experienced in 3D. 3D Model Printing companies act as a platform for quality custom product, designed by artists all around the world. Items such as custom toys, fine scale models, jewelry Paul Stastny Womens Jersey , promotional products, and others can be released for consumers to buy. The sky is the limit. This can serve all 3D designers very well, by providing a new avenue to make money, as well as a community to follow. Not only do these 3D Model Printing companies serve as a community for artists to go to learn more, they serve as a storefront, and finally – these companies allow for artists to truly see their designs come to life.


Get Inside the News Reporter's Head Marketing Articles | May 13 Oscar Lindberg Womens Jersey , 2003

The first rule of PR ... is to approach ... as ... out what they want, then give it to them in a way that benefits you and your company. This requires us to learn how to think


The first rule of PR Rainmaking is to approach reporters as customers.

Find out what they want, then give it to them in a way that benefits you and your company. This requires us to learn how to think like a news reporter.

For this journey, there may be no better guidebook than James B. Stewart?s ?Follow the Story.?

On first blush, this would appear to be nothing more than one more how-to book on how to write non-fiction articles for a mass audience.

But Stewart is the former editor of the Page One Features for the Wall Street Journal, perhaps the most influential feature columns in the United States. He is a Pulitzer winner and the best-selling author of the non-fiction books ?Bloodsport Cody Eakin Womens Jersey ,? ?Den of Thieves? and ?Blind Eye.?

His ?Follow the Story? provides a treasure trove of insights into how reporter conceive of their stories, and how they then sell those stories to their editors.

?Even the best ideas need to be ?sold,?? Stewart writes, ?in the sense that editors have to be interested and readers ultimately must be persuaded to read.?

Since our aim is to develop stories that we can sell to reporters, who can then sell those stories to their editors, you can see how ?Follow the Story? is invaluable for the PR Rainmaker.

Of particular interest is Chapter 3 Reilly Smith Womens Jersey , ?Proposals,? in which Stewart reviews case histories of how he developed and sold his stories to his editors.

Among his major points:

Timeliness: ?Good stories can encompass a much broader time horizon than most writers recognize. But readers and editors still want to know why they should want to read something now.?

Exclusivity: ?If you can deliver something of interest that no one else can, editors, and ultimately readers, will salivate in anticipation.?

Universality: ?Good stories touch on themes of human nature that may be far from their immediate subject matter. The likelihood that a story will have that kind of appeal should be made explicit.?

Flacks rarely want to take the time and put forth the effort to understand the craft of the news reporter. But PR Rainmakers know that the key to media access is to learn how to think like the reporter.

?Follow the Story? will help you reach that level of understanding.

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