In china, we have installed thousands of elevators in customers’ homes. Many people would like to have the convenience of a Small Elevators For Homes to improve mobility but are unsure if they have enough space. We have found that many homeowners have some common misconceptions, so we decided to take the time to clarify the points.

One of the biggest sources of confusion is the amount of space required to install a small elevator for homes. When people think of installing a typical elevator that is 36 inches wide and 48 inches deep, they often think that it is all the space they will need. However, that is not the case. We also need some space for rails, gates, and running clearances. The actual amount of space needed to install a elevator of the size of 36 inches wide plus 48 inches deep is 52 inches wide plus 54 inches deep.

There is one other important point to keep in mind. These 52 inches plus 54 inches dimensions are for clear space in a finished shaft. If you are building new walls for the elevator, you will need to plan on framing and sheetrock. In most cases, these require an additional 5 inches per wall, which means that building a new elevator shaft will require a space of 62 inches wide and 64 inches deep.

Many people look at these numbers and rule out the possibility of installing an elevator in their home. What they don’t realize, however, is that many small elevators for homes require only a very small footprint. For example, the Vision 450 can fit in a space that is just 37 inch in diameter. It can fit nearly anywhere because of the integrated hoistway and compact cab design.