Select the pocket from the list of features to link the Contour operation to, and click OK. Right-click the new Contour operation and select Edit Parameters. First, select a tool to cut the chamfer. In this example I chose a 3/8” 90Deg countersink. Next, switch over the Contour tab and click the check-box to enable Chamfer Machining. This is where you dial in the options to machine the chamfer.

Machining Chamfers in CAMWorks
The angle parameter should automatically be set based on the tool that you have selected, and in this case it’s 45 degrees. The length of the chamfer is the horizontal distance from the vertical wall of the feature and where the chamfer meets the top face. The chamfer we have here is 0.125”. It’s important to pick a tool that’s large enough to cut the chamfer (radius of tool must be larger than the length of the chamfer), otherwise you will get a warning and no toolpath will be generated. The clearance parameter controls how far the tip of the tool goes below the bottom edge of the chamfer (see illustration below). If you want to offset the tool a little lower to prevent machining a lip, add an offset such as 0.001”. You also have the option to drive the toolpath based on  the Outer Edge of the 45 chamfer cutting machine