Chen Jia produces well-made electrical appliances. There are many types of electrical appliances. Only you can't think of it, no we don't produce it. Chenjia produces ice cream showcase, beverage cooler, visi coolers, household appliances, Upright Showcase, china home appliance and commercial appliance. First, let's introduce our Upright Showcase:

High-efficiency Fans
Maximum brand display with curved illuminated top sign panel.
Low noise, low energy consumption.
Double layers normal glass.
Door lock.
Sturdy PVC-coated wire shelves designed to hold any container upright.
Self-closing doors and door locks standard.
Adjustable legs for door alignment.

Upright Showcase is truly classic in design and overtly remarkable in its features and functionality. The cooler is integrated with plastic-coated wire mesh shelves, besides offers the crystal clear product visibility. Upright Showcase is tested to run for challenging ambiance and all types of outdoor conditions.

If you are interested in our Upright Showcase, please feel free to contact us.