Proven Technology
Hydraulic China Passenger Elevator have been in service around the world for many decades. They use proven, oil-based lifting technology in low to mid-rise buildings (up to 6 floors) to provide a robust and reliable elevating device.

Hydraulic china passenger elevators are relatively simple in design compared to traction elevators. This makes them a cost-effective choice when the entire product life cycle is considered—from the initial installation to regular maintenance.

Under normal circumstances with regular preventive maintenance, many hydraulic china passenger elevators last more than 20 years before requiring major upgrades.

Hydraulic china passenger elevators generally have fewer parts than traction elevators, which makes them easier to maintain and service. In addition, there are fewer proprietary parts, so they can be serviced by other elevator contractors instead of the OEM.

A hydraulic china passenger elevator in a six-storey parking garage, featuring a glass cab

Other Features
Speeds ranging from 0.4 to 0.75 metres per second
Capacities from 910 to 2,500 kilograms
Microprocessor-based dispatching
Simplex or Group Elevator Operation
Safety features include infra-red door curtain, emergency cab lighting, emergency phone
Eco-friendly biodegradeable hydraulic oil option.

Typical Applications
Malls and plazas
Apartment Buildings
Commercial Developments
Schools & Hospitals
Parking Garages