To make the saw usable indoors you can:
mount a removable modifed plastic storage box over the slab cutting machine frame to contain water mist
mount a splash shield and light at the end
hook up a water feed tube and drain
start fast low cost slab cutting
This may appear dangerous but I have cut thousands of slabs with no problems. You can cut hundreds of slabs using a $40 ten inch Ridgid diamond saw blade .  Always wear a face mask to avoid breathing silica carried by the cooling water mist. 
Here’s a summary of the advantages of hand cut water cooled tile saws versus automatic feed oil cooled lapidary saws:
5x lower diamond saw investment
10x faster slab cutting
No messy oil to remove from slabs
Quickly flip rough around to cut the best pattern
Environmentally safer water versus oil 
We are always looking for ways to improve safety and be more efficient.  Could you share your tips on increasing productivity, lowering cost, and making it environmentally safer for cutting lapidary slabs?.