Regardless of the drive system, cab style, or custom accessories and finishes you choose for your Small Elevators For Homes, a strong set of safety features is included at no additional cost, (and several add-on features are also available).

Standard safety features address compliance with ASME safety codes for residential elevators that we just discussed, but they also bring our customers peace of mind that makes living with their elevators worry-free. These features include:


All small elevators for homes include gates attached to the car that are compliant with the updated ASME A17.1-2016 – Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. These gates have either accordion styling that can be upgraded to many vinyl laminate, hardwood, acrylic, or aluminum finishes or they are aluminum collapsible gates (also known as scissor gates) available in either silver or oil rubbed bronze finishes.

But what are gates exactly? It’s true that many people shopping for home elevators sometimes confuse gates and doors which each Elevette model has. The gate travels with the elevator cab from landing to landing, while the door is located at each landing and blocks off the hoistway. Further, our elevators will not operate unless the gate is free of obstructions and closed securely.

It’s true that the commercial passenger elevators you’re used to riding at hotels or public buildings, like hospitals and government offices, don’t have gates, but that is because many commercial elevators have side sliding doors on their cars instead. They have two sets of doors instead of a door and a gate. As you can imagine, gates weigh much less than a set of metal doors, and this is why they’re necessary on home elevators, which are much more compact and have lower weight capacities than most commercial elevators.


Elevators would not be safe if the landing door could be opened while the elevator was in motion or while it’s at rest at a different landing. This is where interlocks come into play, “locking out” the elevator hoistway from direct access and preventing accidents.

Lighting and Indicators

Inclinator small elevators for homes come standard with two built-in LED ceiling lights that illuminate when the door opens and when the elevator is running. This energy-efficient lighting is brighter than traditional lighting fixtures and also has low temperature.


One flat wood handrail comes standard in all Elevette models. The standard handrail is finished to match the cab walls. However, upgrades to round metal handrails are available in a selection of finish options.

Emergency responsiveness

We’ve all experienced power outages in our homes, and many people wonder how their residential elevator will react in these circumstances. All elevators feature battery backup to lower the car to its lowest landing. Emergency lighting and an emergency bell are also standard equipment.