Small Elevators For Homes are safe for children and elders alike

Small elevators for homes are safe for children and elders alike. It is natural to feel skeptical about having any new device in the home, but you can rest assured that home elevators do more good than harm. For a long time, small elevators for homes have been helping people, young and old, regain their mobility. In 2017, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) mandated new safety codes that accounted for some significant concerns. We know that our customers have questions and we have answers. If you need more validity that home elevators are safe for children, then keep reading.

What Did the ASME Mandate?

The ASME decided to implement rules regarding the gap between the elevator door and its gate. The purpose of doing so was to reduce injuries and fatalities. The 3″x5″ is the standard. No more than five inches should be between the exterior door and the gate. Children, especially smaller children, are the reason why this rule exists.

But…What About Older Elevators?

The ASME mandates that the ‘3″x5″ rule’ is necessary for new residential elevator installation. But what about the negligence that took place before 2017? A solution to this issue is space guards. A space guard board is installed inside the revolving door of the elevator, and any gap between the outer door and the elevator door or the elevator door that may cause anyone to fall into the space is filled. They are fully affordable and easy to install.

What Are Some Ways That I Can Keep My Child Safe?

First, you should read reviews online about the company that you may pick. We have a 5.0 rating, and our mechanics are highly-trained, professional, and licensed. Preferred Elevator Company is also bonded and insured. We provide 24/7 emergency service, annual servie agreements and inspections, so that you undeniably feel secure while using your residential elevator. We’ll also repair your device if it’s not up-to-par.

Second, you should always set guidelines for your children. Enforce that they do not use the elevator without adult supervision. If you feel as if your child is mature or old enough to operate the lift or they need it due to limited mobility, then practice with them how to work it safely. What may also bring you peace of mind is to measure the gap space. If it doesn’t apply to the “3×5” rule, then call us and get the area filled with space guards ASAP.

For our commercial elevator clients, we also provide annual inspections of your equipment to adhere to standards. During these inspections, we make sure that your commercial mobility product is functioning correctly and efficiently. We’ll also go over all safety devices and customized features offered within your plan!