slab cutting machine  uses a drum style cutting assembly which impacts the concrete surface from a vertical angle. The same way a hammer could be swung down on a concrete surface, a slab cutting machine does this with multiple cutters that have specialized tips to break the concrete into dust.

The damage done by a properly operated slab cutting machine is superficial and should never undermine the structural slab’s integrity. The machine is meant to attack the high spots and barely disturb the low spots. Similar to planing down wood on a deck, the slab cutting machine is meant to reduce the high spot to the low spot’s level. The result is a flat condition where the previously high spot now is similar or close to the height of the adjacent low spot.

The profile left by theslab cutting machine can be varied but #4-#5 is the typical profile produced by the machine. In cases where the floor coating or covering needs a CSP of #2, as an example, then subsequent grinding would be needed to achieve that profile.

Operating the slab cutting machine is fairly straightforward in that it runs at one speed and is moved manually or by self-propulsion. The depth of the cut is adjustable and controlled by the operator based upon the inequality that needs to be removed. Adjustment can be done by crank, spring handle, or hydraulic action.