A curtain rod is one of those purchases that you try to get through as quickly as possible. Mainly, it’s because the easiest-to-find curtain rods are boring. They’re either purely utilitarian without any sort of flourish, or come complete with finials you’d never choose on their own. Really, it’s kind of hard to get excited about such curtain rods.

  That was true for me until I saw acrylic curtain rods. These have been floating around on design blogs for a while, but I never quite noticed just how perfect they are for resolving the boring curtain rod problem.

  Lucite is a proprietary name for high-grade acrylic and is sometimes used interchangeably when referring to acrylic.

  Suburban B’s living room reveal for a One Room Challenge (above). We can love many things, but my eye went right to the curtains in the corner. The clear material keeps the focus on the curtains (and the rest of the decor), rather than distracting.

  Here’s another great use of acrylic curtain rods, which is in an elegant living room by Jenkins Interiors. The brass curtain rings add a little gleaming touch that’s in keeping with the golden mirror and pendant.

  Acrylic also looks great when paired with painted walls, like the soft green ones in this home designed by Carrie Hatfield (as seen in D Magazine). There are also a few touches of brass that keep the curtain rods from getting lost against that beautiful color.

  It’s an even more dramatic effect when you place your acrylic curtain rods against a black wall, like in this office by Driven By Decor. Again, brass hardware becomes very helpful in keeping the clear material from getting lost.

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