Machinery is the most important aspect of any manufacturing industry worldwide. In global metal industries Tony Parker Spurs Jersey , various activities such as cutting, welding, bending, drilling, profiling and milling are the most common activities done on regular basis to produce high quality metal products. In order to cut metal adequately Sean Elliott Spurs Jersey , industries are highly dependent on special cutting tools such as end mills. They play a crucial role in cutting the metal and they are one of the primary tools used for cutting the metal with high accuracy according to the designed layouts.


For more efficient working and higher productivity a lot of industries prefer using ALTiN Coated Carbide End Mills, given that these end mills have a better longevity. The additional coating of ALTiN (Aluminum, Titanium and Nitride) maintains the sharp edges of the end mills along with benefiting the cutting machines with better lubricity and wear. These coating are done by the elements of aluminum, titanium and nitride that create an aluminum oxide layer during the cutting process that aids the process of dry machining. The gaseous layers formed by these ALTiN coated end mills prevent from the damaging effects of dissipating heat in the milling process done in various metal industries. Coated carbide end mills are increasing in popularity of milling as well as counter boring and drilling.


High speed steel end mill has played a significant role in metal cutting for decades and its usage is still continued as it enhances the productivity of industries. High speed steel end mills are broadly used in several aspects of metal industries such as reamers, drills Rudy Gay Spurs Jersey , taps, gear hobbing and gear shaping cutters, form turning tools, slab milling and slitting saws and various others. It is an inexpensive milling tool that strengthens the cutting process. High speed steel end mills are hard enough to sustain the heavy load conditions in the process of cutting. Most of end mills used in metal industries are made up of high speed steel as they are cost efficient and improve the outputs of several industries.


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About Atlas Cutting Tools


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>Vitamin C - What You DON'T Know

Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th, 2010


The real facts about benefits of Vitamin C may surprise you. First of all what is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Unlike the oil soluble vitamins such as A and E, Vitamin C cannot be stored by your body. Since Vitamin C is not stored by your body, we need to get it from our diet or from supplements.


But Can't Our Bodies Just Make Vitamin C?


Great question! Most animals have the ability to make their own Vitamin C. And make it they do... lots of it. It is estimated that if we had the ability to make our own Vitamin C we would make between 3000 an 10 Tim Duncan Spurs Jersey ,000 mg every day... and 3 to 4 times that amount if we were being stressed by infection.


Unfortunately, humans along with guinea pigs, fruit bats and gorillas are the only mammals that need to ingest our daily dose of Vitamin C. The only vitamin we humans have the ability to make is Vitamin D... and we need the sunshine to help us do that.


Some very exciting facts about Vitamin C have sprung up within the last few years. First off, Vitamin C along with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), have been called the most essential of the "essential nutrients." That is DeMar DeRozan Spurs Jersey , without an adequate supply of these two, you die. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but certainly years sooner than the folks with optimal levels of both in their bodies.


Arrrrr!!! Shiver Me Timbers!


Remember the stories about the sailors of old and the disease they contracted during long voyages called scurvy? Scurvy was nothing more than not having enough Vitamin C in their bodies. Without an adequate supply of Vitamin C, the blood vessels did not have enough collagen to repair themselves. Some of these sailors literally bled to death through cracks in their blood vessel walls.


Fortunately, in 1747 a Scottish doctor got a clue about Vitamin c and linked citrus fruits with a decreased incidence of Scurvy. Towards the end of that century Black Tony Parker Jersey , the Brits began sending along lime juice with their sailors on long voyages. Now you know why British sailors are called "limeys."


Facts About Vitamin C and its Antioxidant Properties


If you've read the section of my site on the facts about Vitamin E, you've no doubt read about what an antioxidant does. If not we can review quickly.


The cells of your body are under a lot of stress... oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when highly unstable molecules called free radicals roam freely throughout your body.


Free radicals are a by-product of not only the normal metabolic processes of your cells but also your environment... things such as air pollution, sun exposure, industrial chemical exposure, ozone Black Sean Elliott Jersey , nitrous oxide (from auto exhaust), cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption and so on.


Free radicals damage cell membranes and DNA and can result in changes to your cells that cause life threatening chronic diseases down the road. When your cells are being damaged by these free radicals, we say your cells are experiencing oxidative stress... and one of the facts about Vitamin C is. Wholesale Authentic Air Jordan   Wholesale Air Max China   Wholesale Air Max   Cheap Nike Shoes Online   Wholesale Kids Nike Shoes   Wholesale Air Jordan   Wholesale Nike Basketball Shoes   Cheap Air Max 270 Womens   Cheap Air Max 2018 Online   Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium