In the mechanical and electrical industries, the use of Square Bolt is ubiquitous. When completing a square bolt with torsion requirements, the associated large hex bolt must be coated with a lock-proof label indicating that the square bolt has been tightened as required to distinguish it from the untightened square bolt to avoid during installation. Square bolts leak. Labels can be made during the assembly process. Play the role of inspection; in the subsequent use of the product, the anti-loose mark can also be used as a basis for judging the looseness of the bolt and eliminating hidden dangers. Especially in the field of rail transportation, the status quo of square bolts directly affects passengers' driving safety and life safety.

      The large hex bolt marker has a marking tool that quickly forms a straight line on the top and sides of the hex bolt head, the top and sides of the washer, and the marked portion of the product surface. one more time. It effectively solves the problems of inconvenient quick marking, bolt position limitation and ugly line in the prior art.

      The structural tool of the large hex bolt anti-loose marking tool includes the following parts: 1. Pen; cap; 3. Cap inner protrusion; 4. Ink tube cavity; 5. Automatic reset ink core device; 6. Ink core sleeve; 7. Ink core cover; Ink core; 9. Ink core cover top protruding; Spring; 11. Groove; 12. Active sponge block; 13. Boss cavity; 14. Fix sponge block; 15. Pen cap.

       When marking, simply place the bolt lock wire on the outer ring of the washer, fix the position of the bolt lock-proof pen on the surface of the electromechanical product, and then press the bolt to prevent the loose wire. Mark the pen so that the cavity at the bottom of the pen holder wraps the bolt head. The bottom of the pen touches the surface of the electromechanical product, removes the marking pen, completes the marking process, and then the bolt can be placed on the surface of the electromechanical product. The scribe members consisting of the top and sides of the bolt head, the top and sides of the gasket, and the surface of the mechanical and electrical products form a straight line at a time.

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