As our research shows Operational Excellence as stone machine supplier key objective, it also shows the top barriers to achieving the objective have to do with a lack of metrics or visibility into the metrics that are being measured, inaccessible data, and organizational silos/structure. Just pursuing Digital Transformation isn’t a guarantee that you can overcome these barriers. If you look at some of the enabling technologies that have driven Digital Transformation to the forefront today, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, and Mobility you can begin to see that some of these barriers can be overcome. By moving data to the cloud and enabling mobile access to that data one of the barriers – data being hoarded can be addressed. This is not to say that technology is the silver bullet.

It is still the interaction of people-process-technology that yield the benefit. With the proper technology in place, the processes can be redesigned, and the people can be empowered provided management leads the change efforts. By adopting Big Data with associated Analytics, gaining meaningful insight about what is actually occurring can also be a step in pursuing Operational Excellence. As more and more data is available, making sense of the data is like drinking from a fire hose and new Big Data solutions can help make sense of the data in real-time.