Tunneling under a house is always more expensive than cutting concrete slabs.

Fact:    After considering all costs, consider the often cheaper option, tunneling.  When breaking through a slab, remember the flooring with have to be removed and replaced, the interior of the home cleaned, and possibly homeowners will have to move out while work is in progress.  Tunneling generally costs more for situations where the floor finishes are inexpensive.  For expensively finished homes, tunneling can cost less.  For the average homeowner, tunneling will cost more.  slab cutting machine prefers tunneling under a foundation because it has some distinct advantages over cutting concrete slabs:

Homeowners can stay in their homes during the repairs.
Avoids indoor mess and disruption especially when having to replace large  sections of flooring or needing to install multiple foundation piers/pilings.

For plumbing, plumbers don’t have to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.