Size and segment of BOPP labels
Segment forms are prepared in advance in many sizes and basic shapes. For complex shapes of the label, the segment form needs to be finalised, or cut by laser.

Types of adhesives for labels
Depending on the use, it is possible to use standard adhesive (permanent), high-tack adhesive, or removable adhesive, which enables taking the easy removal of an applied label.

Print colour and printing technologies
We use flexo printing, offset, digital, screen printing, ink-jet.

We always choose the most suitable technology for the given order with an optimal price. We print from 1 direct colour to full-colour print (photoprint).

Surface treatment
Labels can be treated with varnish or with laminating foil (for better resistance to abrasion, UV radiation and humidity). Labels impregnated with resin, the so-called logoprints, are very effective.

Final adjustment
Labels are supplied in a roll, on a sheet or on an endless creaser stacker, the so-called fanfold. You will receive labels mostly on transfer paper, which ensures easy removal for use. Labels will be adjusted according to your requirements for manual or machine processing.