Stainless steel square bolts may be an economically viable option with excellent corrosion protection, but this does not mean they will not corrode or will not incur any additional costs in the long run. Improper habits used by temporary operators can sometimes undermine the framework of proper maintenance. You need to educate your staff to develop good habits to maintain the long-lasting properties of stainless steel Square Bolt.

Suitable grooving tool
Lubricate stainless steel square bolts for longer

In order to avoid premature wear of the fasteners, it is necessary to use suitable tools to open the holes to accommodate the mechanical properties of the stainless steel square bolts. The modulus of elasticity is an important factor in determining tensile strength and retention. If the settings are incorrect, the fasteners will begin to loosen too early, which may adversely affect the structure of the entire equipment.

Standard grade stainless steel
Make sure that the stainless steel square bolts you use are of grade 304 or 316 grade steel. As the numbers show, 316 stainless steel nuts are more resistant to corrosion than 304 stainless steel. Their prices are indeed higher than other similar products on the market, but the long-term service you receive is unparalleled.

Correct cleaning schedule
The durability of stainless steel square bolts depends on the cleaning method used by the equipment. Stainless steel exposed to moisture can remain in good condition for long periods of time with the aid of a suitable steam management system compared to stainless steel exposed to contaminating particles. If you allow dust to stay on the surface for a long time, you may have to replace the entire fastening tool adjacent to that particular part frequently. Therefore, if you have properly maintained the equipment, you can indirectly protect the stainless steel square bolts from premature use.

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