The Stone Paper Factory has spent two decades perfecting its own unique method to create a beautiful paper-like material from stone, in a dry process that uses no chemicals or water. In close collaboration with Zhejiang Anyth Trading Co.,Ltd., the factory produces our range of exquisite, high-quality notebooks, as well all of our packaging materials.


Making paper out of stone is a fascinating process, where leftovers from a neighbouring construction industry, mainly limestone and marble,is crushed into a fine powder of calcium carbonate. The stone machine supplier only uses leftover residue and isn’t engaged in any mining activities to source its raw material. Calcium carbonate a natural product, and while not renewable it’s abundant and used in many industries, such as construction, traditional paper making, and in everyday products such as toothpaste, medicine and baby powder.


The calcium carbonate powder is then mixed with recycled non-toxic high-density polyethene (HDPE) -- a material that can be recycled almost indefinitely -- to create small white pellets the size of candy. In a 100% dry process -- applying no acids, bleach or water -- the pellets are squeezed into a material that resembles traditional paper. This process is carbon neutral, generates no pollution, and only requires a small amount of power, which the Stone Paper Factory produces from its own solar panels.