The body of the freezer is insulated with a pressurized foam layer between the internal and external layers. LED lights on the inside of the display case help visualize the details of the selection. A powerful compressor keeps the system running smoothly in almost any conditions.

  Ice cream showcase is the best ice cream display freezer. Gelato is a popular frozen dessert, it is very delicious. We offer an ice cream refrigerator online sale service, you can use the ice cream display refrigerator for your business.Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong. Activity design can share offer support, will change and adjust plate, the appearance shares more upscale luxurious.Full-automatic cyclic defrosting in reverse cycle carries out automatic defrosting every six hours, which is free from manual defrosting. The entire process lasts no more than four minutes, which is quick and clean. Therefore, the temperature fluctuation for the ice cream in the cabinet can be minimized, which will ensure a stable taste of the ice cream and the taste will not be affected due to temperature fluctuation.

  A sleek, modern, and stunning gelato and Ice Cream Showcase. The display case is the perfect dipping cabinet for gelato, ice cream, or any frozen products. With beautiful product visibility, and unique customization options, this display is suited for any style, and any space.

  The quality of ice cream showcase produced by CHENJIA is guaranteed, you can rest assured to buy our products. Our ice cream showcase has low power consumption, low noise and multiple functions. It is absolutely wise for you to buy our ice cream showcase. If you are interested in our ice cream showcase, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.