As Small Elevators For Homes become more common, understanding proper usage and maintenance is critical to ongoing performance. If you are the owner of a personal home elevator, you are taking on a very important responsibility – to ensure the proper function of the machine which will transport family and friends. While home elevators are manufactured to comply with strict safety standards, making sure that you understand your responsibility as the owner is very important.

Selecting a Home Elevator Company
When looking to install a personal home elevator, there are a number of important considerations. Please see our article on selecting a home elevator company here. Make sure that the company that will install and service your elevator holds any necessary and appropriate licenses and certifications as required by your state.

Maintaining your Home Elevator
When you install your new residential elevator, an ongoing maintenance schedule is typically recommended in the owner’s manual. During your maintenance visits, the technicians will inspect many parts of the elevator to make certain they are in good working order. The technician may also assess your current situation and provide advice to help you make the most of your residential elevator. This is a great time for you to ask any questions you may have about operation, usage, cleaning or maintenance of the elevator. Outside of your regular maintenance schedule, it is important to call your home elevator company to schedule a service visit if you notice any changes in the function of your elevator.

If you have had your elevator for some time, you may want to discuss with your maintenance technician if there are any updates that need to be made to enhance the safety of the unit or bring it up to code. As an additional safety measure, 2016 elevator safety code was edited to decrease the allowable gap between car gate and hoistway door. Some manufacturers offer items that proactively enhance the safety of your elevator. Whether you already have a personal elevator or you are in the planning phases, ask your home elevator company about the addition of light curtains, baffles or flush doors for added security.

Find a Professional Today
If you have any questions related to the safety of your personal home elevator, a licensed home elevator company is the most qualified team to assist. Contact your local elevator company today for more information or to schedule time to discuss adding an elevator to your residence.