Industrial-grade Basic Copper Sulphate is widely used in agriculture, and it is also used as the main raw material of trace element copper for feed additives.

Appearance and properties of basic copper sulfate: Anhydrous basic copper sulfate is an off-white powder, which easily absorbs water and turns to blue-green.

Combined some information and actual breeding situation, summarized the wonderful use of basic copper sulfate in chicken breeding and

1, chicken house deodorization, litter disinfection

This role, the customer asked me this question, in fact there are many ways to deodorize the chicken house, biological deodorization, gas adsorption, Chinese herbal medicine deodorization, etc .; and this method is chemical deodorization.

Method: Mixing 4% basic copper sulfate and slaked lime in the litter, or spraying the litter with 2% benzoic acid or 2% acetic acid can both disinfect and deodorize.

Principle: The use of hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, ketone sulfate, acetic acid and other odor-reducing chemicals, through sterilization and disinfection, to inhibit the activities of harmful bacteria, to achieve the suppression and reduction of harmful gases in the chicken house.

  1. Promote intestinal health of chicken flocks

Some scientists have conducted experiments to show that the thickness of the intestinal wall of chicks will decrease after they are fed with basic copper sulfate. This discovery reminds people of antibiotics, which sometimes lead to reduced bacterial toxin production

This experiment shows that basic copper sulfate can make the intestines of chickens healthier, increase feed conversion rate and increase weight.

  1. Prevention and treatment of chicken aspergillosis