Building hardware is a group of metal hardware specifically used for protection, decoration, and convenience in buildings.Building products do not make any part of a building, rather they support them and make them work.It usually supports fixtures like windows, doors, and cabinets. Common examples include door handles, door hinges, deadbolts, latches, numerals, letter plates, switch plates, and door knockers.

  building hardware is commonly available in brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and iron.Building Hardware has been in business for years and prides itself on being a very unique company within the hardware industry. We have been able to blend the best of the wholesale distribution model, contract house, high end showroom, and hollow metal door and frame fabrication in order to serve our wide range of customers.

  Our hybrid approach allows us to be your source for all the locks and hardware you’ve come to depend on us for, as well as commercial finish hardware, commercial doors and frames, and custom residential hardware.

  The quality of the building hardware produced by OULAI is super good. If you are interested in our building hardware, please contact us and we look forward to cooperating with you.