Matching Your Curtains To Your Space
When you’re shopping for curtains online, you want to make sure that they’re going to match the color and overall style of the space in which you plan to put them. Current trends range from delicate sheer curtains to heavier, velvet drapes. Whether you opt for a more subtle look or decide to make a bold statement with your curtains, you should make sure that the color and style work with the space.

Choosing A Style And Fabric For Your Curtains
A great rule of thumb to go by is that you should match the fabric and style of your curtains to your space. If the room is very traditionally styled, decorator-weight cotton fabrics, velvet, or silk paired with a nice set of classic wooden blinds will look great. If you’re going for a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, choose a nice pair of either printed or solid light sheer or linen curtains.

Picking The Color Of Your Curtains
If you’re looking for a subtle look rather than a bold one, we suggest choosing a curtain color that is either slightly lighter or darker than the color of your wall. If you’re going for a bolder, contrasting color and look, pick an accent color from the space. You can do this by picking a color or similar shade from the rug, a pillow, or a chair. Keep in mind that rosy and warm tones will always create a cozy, glowing vibe while shades of blue will create a colder, possibly less welcoming light.

Choosing Curtains Online Is Easy
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