Choosing the right manufacturer

Communicating with the manufacturer

Sample process

How long does sampling and production take

What to supply the manufacturer

The pp quick connect fitting can be made in the following steps:

If you haven’t already emailed us, we will send you a pretty stock standard reply that looks a little like this.

Thank you for your email. We highly recommend you having a read through our blog posts which will give you a little overview of producing your own garments as well as the services that we offer.

Costs to produce a range of clothing really depends on many factors and what you can do for yourself and what you need us to support you with. The factories that we work with will consider MOQ of 50pc per style per colour. But it’s important to understand that a similar about of setup time goes into producing 50pc as it does for 500pc; so, the production price reflects this.

We recommend starting by obtaining quotes of your ideas. If you have photos, drawings or specs we will look over them with the manufacturer and send you a quote.

If you have already read this blog and are yet to email us Thank you! It means you’re not only taking your version seriously and doing what you can on your own, but also saving our time so that we can spend more time working for our clients which may be you shortly.

Email us a brief, images, designs so that we can obtain a quote for you. Or better yet give us a call to discuss your business so that we understand your dream and can support better.

Once we have details, we will send these details/sketches to the manufacturer for a quote. From here will we send you their quote as well as an outline of our fees.

If the figures work for you the next step will be to start the sampling process. A spec will need to be created first if this hasn’t already been done prior to this or by us for the manufacturer to quote.

Once the samples have been made, they will be sent directly to you unless your wanting us to support you with fitting/spec work. Once you receive the samples you will need to access the fabric quality, make, fit etc and send us a detailed report so that the factory can take this information and move forward with other set of samples or bulk production.

This step is repeated until you are happy with the style and ready to proceed to bulk production.

Once goods are ready to be shipped the manufacturer will give us all the details needed for you to organise shipment. We do have contacts and can support you with obtaining quotes.

This is a very rough outline of what to expect as far as developing a product/collection and there is a lot more to it than what we have outlined. However, it will give you an idea as to the process and what to expect.

We hope this helps.