One minor detail that makes a huge difference in the look of your curtains are the rods and finials that you choose. We offer a selection of both along with all of the curtain accessories that you need so you can choose the items that are right for your curtains and the style of your room when you order online. We have classic ball-end rods, urn-shaped finials, and decorative square-end finals as well as rings and brackets. So how do you choose which finals are right for you?

Start by thinking about the style of your decor. If you tend to choose modern furnishings for your home, choose finials that have clean lines. If you love classic furnishings, choose finals that have curvier lines to mimic the look of your furniture. In the end, though, simply choose what you like the best! Your personal taste is ultimately what matters the most. While this is a small detail in the overall look of your curtains, it can make a huge difference in how your curtains are styled and how they mesh with the rest of your room.

You can get everything you need to hang your curtains and blinds! Choose the rods and finials that are right for your room and order curtain rods and all of your curtain accessories in one order from one great store.

We are one of the International curtain rod supplier, welcome to your come and purchase!