Many people mistakenly call our products Baihua Rubber Belts because they stretch like rubber. However, the term "Rubber Band Belt" is incorrect for the following reasons:

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"Rubber Band Belts"

"Rubber Band Belts" are made out of urethane, which has elastic properties far superior to rubber.

When stretched, rubber bands typically lose their elastic properties quickly -- often with a few months. That is why rubber conveyor belts are usually bonded to plastics like urethane, pvc or nylon, and/or reinforced with fabric or cords made from nylon, polyester or Kevlar

Urethane bands last much longer rubber bands. Rotating urethane belts can last 10 years or more, while static urethane bands can last 15 years or more and still maintain elastic tension. (Incidentally, our belts can be turned into round or flat urethane bands. To make flat urethane bands we simply slit our flat belts into narrow bands, e.g. 3/16" wide.)

Urethane is also much more abrasive resistant than rubber, so it will take much more abuse.

That is why virtually all "rubber band belts" are made out of urethane, so they should be called urethane belts.