Many items can be well fixed. Materials such as bolts are mainly used, and the weight of many fixed substances determines the type of bolts used. Square Bolt are one of the most used materials, and the public The fixation of square bolts is quite acceptable, so do you know about the storage of square bolts?

  1. The bolt joint is composed of a bolt, two washers, and a nut. Bolts, nuts and washers should be used in accordance with the provisions of Table 5-10.
  2. After inspection, the bolts should be sorted and stored according to specifications. It should be protected from rain and moisture, and should not be used when there is thread damage or bolts and nuts are not matched.
  3. When the bolt is stored for a long time or there is rust, the tightening axial force should be checked by sampling, and it can be used only after meeting the requirements. The bolts must not be stained with dirt or oil, and must be cleaned.

    Because improper storage is likely to cause parts to be damaged or rusted, so we must uphold the standardization and importance of storage. At the same time, when selecting hexagon bolt products, we also need to strictly control the quality Judge, try to choose some regular Hex Bolt Manufacturer to cooperate.