There are many types of rubber hoses. According to the structure, they can be divided into single-layer rubber hoses and composite rubber hoses. Single-layer EPDM straight rubber hoses are similar in production process to EPDM seals when they are produced. It is extruded by a rubber extruder, and then vulcanized by a rubber hose production line. Finally, it is cut to the required length by an automatic cutting machine so that it can be packaged in a tray. Single-layer hoses also have special-shaped hoses. In the production of special-shaped single-layer hoses, they are extruded by a rubber extruder. After that, they need to be shaped by a shaping die, and finally placed in a vulcanization box for vulcanization. The iron core is extracted from the cured product to complete the production of the product. This single-layer hose production process is relatively simple and easy to master. However, some composite hoses are more complicated in the production process. For example, the production of automotive hoses requires the use of two rubber extruders for online production. In addition, there is a knitting thread in the middle of the automobile hose. After we use a rubber extruder to extrude the inner inner hose of the product, we need to pass the conveyor to knit the product through a knitting machine or a winding machine before weaving the product. The rubber extruder extrudes the outermost hose for compounding. Then we pass the product through the cooling water tank and isolating liquid, and then cut the length. Then, we cut the hose blank we cut into the mold to shape it, and finally put these iron cored products into the vulcanization tank. vulcanization. This type of composite hose must be pressure vulcanized, otherwise the performance of the produced product will not meet our requirements. Therefore, we know that the production processes and methods of equipment used in different hose production lines are different, and we need to choose according to our products when producing.
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