Next you will find this big tits doll on top of the bikini. As can be seen in the photo below, if her breast is too big we cannot hold the bikini around her large breasts so that it can rise. At least we can hide the nipples. Also pay attention to the details of the abs, legs, arms and hands. This is one of the most detailed dolls. Last but not least, this huge sex doll ass and the picture behind it. As you can see in the photo below, the bottom of this fat love doll is the keynote, firm and in an elevated position.

This adult doll looks very sexy from many different perspectives. It is best to remove the head of your sex dolls for this process and wash them separately. Cover the neck opening with plastic wrap or a plastic bag with a rubber band to secure the plastic. Place a towel on the bottom of the tub or shower. Most bathtubs have non-slip floors that can damage the TPE or silicone. A towel keeps them from coming into direct contact with the tub / shower surface.

The instructions you get with your love dolls should explain the bathing process. If not, the process is exactly as you imagine. Decide whether you have a bath or shower, both have different challenges. It is best if your girl is sitting, whether on the bottom of the tub or on a raised seat, think about her weight when choosing an option; a heavy doll is difficult to lift out of a tub when she is on the bottom of the tub sits and can be risky. Use a mild soap like a liquid bath soap or even hand soap.

Always use your hands when washing your body, not a washcloth, make sure your hands are smooth and your nails are not sharp so that you do not damage your skin while washing.before exposing them to water. Make sure it is completely dry before powdering. Many new doll owners are surprised that there is some care for doll care. It may seem tedious, but use your imagination and make it a fun, erotic experience, you will soon find that you are looking forward to the bath and powder time. Check back soon for the correct way to massage your girl's oil and lubricant joints to supplement oil.