Being the most popular email service AOL email is attracting people towards it because of its security. Once you have created your account on the AOL email, then you are given a unique username. This unique username identifies you on the internet, and whenever you send an email, then people see this name. AOL user is given the choice of creating up to seven different usernames for an account. But there are times when you want to change this username and at that time you can either do it on your own or can take help of professionals. You can easily reach out to experts by dialling aol email customer service number that stays active at all 24 hours to help the clients.

Steps to add screen name in AOL Mail

One needs to follow the steps given below for adding the login screen name to your AOL Mail:

  • Open your preferred web browser and then go to the sign-in page of AOL Mail.
  • Here you need to enter the username and password of your AOL account.
  • After successful login, you need to click on Options button present on the top right-hand side of your account page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Settings option of your mail.
  • Now click on Compose option and scroll down to look for Display Name option.
  • Enter the name of your choice, which you want your email recipient to show.
  • Once you are done with writing the name of your choice, then you can click to save the changes done by you.

Now next time when you send an email to your recipient, then the person will see your new name along with your email address. If you are, still confuse how to change the screen name of your account then you are free to take the guidance of experts. You can call aol email technical support to get the query witnessed by you in minimum period.


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