My AOL Desktop Gold Icon is not working/responding or won’t open

AOL Desktop Gold becomes popular with its advanced technology and features. It has millions of users all over the world. AOL Gold allows its users to access their account with ease. Now a user can enjoy multiple services with a single AOL desktop gold application. Web browsing, emailing, conversation, etc are important services which AOL gold provides. 

Is AOL Gold stopped working whenever you launch it?

If your AOL Desktop Gold stopped working whenever you launch your application, it is the issue of your computer compatibility with AOL Gold application or something wrong with your browser.

However, if nyour AOL Desktop Gold application is having a problem, then it’s time to find nthe solution to fix your AOL Gold issues.


A Solution to Resolve AOL Gold Not Working Problem

Here are the troubleshooting steps to recover AOL Desktop Gold not working issues.

Note: Do not ignore this troubleshooting guide, it is quite simple to apply and easy to be resolved your AOL issues.

Steps to Fix:

  1. Restart your PC to stop useful programs which running at the background and make sure your computer has enough space to run AOL Gold application smoothly.
  2. Scan your computer to ensure that there are no Virus, Trojans, and worms into it. If you find any virus or malicious software, delete them as soon as possible.
  3. Next,ensure that you have a high-speed internet connection.
  4. If the issue remains, open AOL Desktop Gold file and start the program from the double click on the available software icon.
  5. If you recently change settings of your OS and still, your AOL Desktop Gold not working then, apply ”Backup and Restore” process of your computer to set your OS in the last state.
  6. If your AOL freezes in Internet Explorer 11even though you restore your system then, uninstall your browser and install the latest version.

Detailed Step by Step Solution to Fix “AOL Desktop Gold not working or responding,” “Won’t load pages” issue

If your AOL Desktop Gold browser not working properly then, apply the solution to fix this issue.

Solution #1: Download & Install Compatible AOL Desktop Gold application for your computer.

If you are using an outdated version of AOL Desktop Gold and your AOL Gold is freezes.

Then, you have to uninstall an old version of AOL Desktop Gold and download the latest version nand install it. You can update your AOL Desktop Gold application by software update option. Follow the steps to install an updated version into your computer.

 Download AOL Desktop Gold latest version from official AOL website.

 Save installation file on your desktop and right-click on the application and go to the properties option.

 Now, click on ‘compatibility mode’ and see the possibilities to run this program in computer compatibility mode.

 Next, click on the drop-down and select the previous OS.

 In last, click on “OK” and “install AOL Desktop Gold”.

If you complete your process but still, you get any AOL Gold Problem then, look into your error and contact to the AOL Gold expert for help.

If AOL Desktop Gold/ AOL Mail Not Working or Freezing Up

Contact AOL Desktop Gold team @888-983-4006

Solution #2: Run AOL Desktop Gold application as Admin

Sometimes,pre-installed programs keep obstructing with AOL Gold — Your AOL Desktop Gold application showing “Not Responding” message you will continue to see AOL Gold freezing issue.

So now, to resolve “AOL Screen freezing issue”, follow the given steps below:

1) Right-click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon.

2) Now, click on ‘Run as admin’ from the drop-down menu.

Note: This method can’t apply on the AOL shortcut icon.

Solution #3: Check Computer configuration, and Run Troubleshooter

Incompatible of your PC can cause behind AOL Desktop Gold to freeze whenever you try to start it. So, check your computer configuration with the installed AOL Desktop Gold software version.

Solution #4: Update Your AOL Desktop Gold Application

If your AOL Desktop Gold application is not updated or you are using outdated version. It might be a reason for AOL Desktop Gold not working. Generally, AOL Desktop Gold update automatically, if you save default settings. But sometimes, it failed to update with the latest version. So, AOL requires to update manually, follow the instructions to update your AOL application manually:

1) Go to start menu and search windows update.

2) Now, select windows update option and option and select “important updates.

3) After this, select ‘Install update automatically.’

4) Then, choose the AOL Desktop Gold box for important & recommended updates.

5) Now, wait ntill update complete and save the changes after complete updating.

Note: The given\r\nsteps will help you to fix AOL Gold not working issues with windows 10.

Solution #5: Troubleshoot Corrupt Desktop Software

If your AOL Desktop Gold application corrupted due to any reason- it may stop your software when you are trying to open it.

So, to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold 9.8 freezes issue, follow the steps given below:

1) Go to the start menu and search ‘Control Panel.’

2) Then, click on the programs and features option.

3) After that, go to the ‘Uninstall a Program.

4) Now, choose AOL Desktop Gold and uninstall it from your computer.

5) Wait till the uninstallation process get completed, and then restart your computer.

6) In the last, download AOL Desktop Gold updated version from the internet and install it into your computer.

These are the simple process to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold. Now you will see a new AOL Desktop Gold icon on your computer screen.


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