Summer Voile Curtains Ready Made

With the days getting warmer and the gentle evening breeze flowing through the air, summer has finally started to make an appearance. There is no better way to enhance this summer feeling than to welcome a bright and airy decor with our new summer ready made curtain collection. Read our tips on how to revamp your space for a summery look.

Curtain Lining

It is commonly thought that thermal lining is only appropriate for winter. The same functional characteristic of this lining can actually help retain warmth as well as keeping the heat out from the glaring sunlight. South-facing rooms can heat up over the course of the day causing discomfort. In this scenario, it would be beneficial to opt for thermal curtains and add voiles for privacy.

If the bright morning sun causes a problem by interrupting your sleep, blackout or dim out curtains would be ideal for the bedroom.

Curtain Colour

The lighter the colours are, the brighter and airy the room seems but white or other neutral colours do not always have to be the standalone colour palette to achieve the summer look.

However, it is important to strike a balance if there are bold coloured furniture but pastel shades would work as well.

In fact, you do not want to sit in a room with dark colours and heavy fabrics that can possibly absorb the outside heat, making the room sweltering hot!

Curtain Material

While linen is a popular choice because it is lightweight and is a natural fibre, there are also many other quality synthetic-mix choices available in a range of styles. They are often more cost-effective for making seasonal interior changes and come pre-treated with functional characteristics for ready made products.

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