A stunning print collection

Welcome in the cold season with some of the trendiest curtain fabric ideas of the winter collection to make sure your home space looks straight out of a magazine cover. The interior decor of a space doesn’t just rely on curtains, but other textiles of the room like pillows and throws as well. So make sure you take into consideration every textile used in the space and you will have a stunning home to host a winter party at!

Celestial Inspiration

Luna collection
With 50 years since the landing on the moon, designers have been inspired to create subtle tones, textures and fabrics that re-create the sun, moon and the stars. The Luna or Twilight collection reflects perfectly how pleasant almond shades can create tranquillity in the home and celebrate one of man’s greatest achievements.

Abstract Art

Bold geometric shapes with bright colors
With retro designs coming back in fashion and interiors, the Bauhaus version of abstract art is not far behind! This look is easily achieved by adding bold geometric shapes with classic primary colours. Keep the furniture neutral and only add prints as accessories.

Natural Prints

Green leafy design curtains
With nature taking its course this winter, there is nothing more soothing in a home than to bring in some foliage on your curtains. Bring in a calm interior look, adding soft shades of leafy textures with neutral tones of the furniture. Add some fresh flowers and enjoy the new look your room will get!

Influence of Gatsby

Art Deco is back, and this time the retro fabric designs have been inspired by the old hotels! Add in some indoor plants, and easily spruce up your space with graphic prints, luxury fabrics like velvet and long bold patterned curtains with a slight metallic shine to add in some opulence.

A Painter’s Paradise

Have you ever seen a painter’s studio? The effect of watercolours or the texture of oil colours on a canvas can be soothing especially when the natural colours are used! Re-create the dreamy decor by adding in some handmade fabrics, prints inspired by nature and luxury velvets to create a playful interior!

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