That’s why I am here with a post on how to change the Yahoo password. Sometimes, you have to reset Yahoo password for using the mail if you haven’t used it for a while and forgot the login credentials.

How to Change Yahoo Password?

It’s a scary moment when you see incorrect password alert when you try to access any account let alone Yahoo. There’s no solution rather than resetting the password.

And, every online security expert suggests changing passwords often to reduce the chances of being hacked. So, it’s important to change Yahoo email password.

I have divided this tutorial into two parts (One for those who want to change the password and know the current credentials, other for everyone who wants to reset the password).

How to Change Yahoo Password after Signing in?

You don’t have to be a geek to do this. Simply follow the steps I have listed out below. Then, you will find that the password is successfully changed.

Step 1: Go to and there you can see a login form to enter the email address and password

Step 2: Type email address and password into the given fields and click on the Sign in button. If you see any incorrect password alert or email id& password mismatch, you forgot your Yahoo account password, and it needs to be reset.

For resetting Yahoo password, try the next section of this tutorial.

Step 3: On the next web page, you can see a gear button on the right portion of the screen. Click on it to get more options. (Check the image to get more details).

Step 4: Choose Settings from a bunch of menus there. On top of the next screen, you will be able to see a Change Your Password option. You have to enter the password twice.

If you want to see the password, you can click on show password checkbox. Then, click the Continue button.

See, how easy it is to change Yahoo password. As a security precaution, Yahoo will send an email to you regarding the password change.

How to Reset Yahoo Password in case You Forgot it?

Sometimes, you may forget passwords. If this happens with your Yahoo account, you can surely try this method to rescue your account. Follow the steps given below to proceed further.

Step 1: — Go to and apparently you can see a login from there. But I know it has become useless now as you don’t know the password.

So look beneath to click on can’t access your account.

Step 2: On the next step, you will be asked to enter the Yahoo id. (If is your Yahoo mail address, then abcd is your account id).

If you don’t know even the account id, you should click on the link (I don’t know my Yahoo mail address) and proceed further. You must be aware of the alternate email or mobile number for they are going to serve as the channel for the password reset process.

Step 3: If you know the Yahoo id, you can enter the next step by typing the same. Most probably you will be asked to enter cache in order to make sure that you are not a robot. You can do it in seconds.

Step 4: Now, you have to enter some missing digits of your phone number. If you don’t do this, you can’t recover your Yahoo account.

Step 5: After doing so, you will get a password recovery link on the alternate email inbox. Just click the link to have two fields to enter and confirm the new password.

Step 6: With Step 5, the process gets over. You can log in to your Yahoo account with the new password from now onwards.

You will get an email saying that the password has been changed. Changing the password doesn’t mean that you are logged in. So, you have to log in to your account again to access Yahoo mail and features.

How to Change Your Yahoo Account Password from Android?

Here, I am going to show how you can change your yahoo password using their Android app. If you logged in to the account at least once using the app, you would find this useful for sure.

Step 1: Pick up your Android device and look for the Yahoo mail app. Don’t hesitate to open it. If you haven’t used the app, don’t waste time downloading it.

The recovery option does not work for first time users.

Step 2: On the home screen of the app, you can see a login form and a link at the bottom saying ‘I can’t access my account’. Tap on the latter.

Step 3: Then, you will see a Recover your password option. It’s the one you need. Select that option if it doesn’t get auto-selected.

Step 4: Just below that option, you will be provided with a form to fill the new password. Enter the password (Type something memorable or scribble down the new password on your diary or anywhere).

Select OK. That’s all. You have changed the password of your Yahoo account easily. Then, you can easily log in to the account with the new credential.

Haven’t You Reset Yahoo Password Yet?

I hope I have given you enough details for resetting or changing your Yahoo account password. As I already mentioned, the process is not a hard nut to crack. Simply follow the steps I have given here.

Then, you can access the account of which you forgot the password.

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