Roofing Bolts refer to bolt members with right-angled hooks at the lower end, or L-shaped and U-shaped bolts. Roof bolts have the function of increasing anchoring, thereby increasing the load carrying capacity of the equipment, and even when in motion and in the event of an earthquake, they can also have a good stabilization effect.

Therefore, the device roof bolt plays a very significant role in ensuring the safe transportation of items and extending the service life of valuables. Especially in the construction of industrial plants, roof bolts are often required to fix large machinery and equipment in the air.

This is because these mechanical bodies are too heavy and the center of gravity is high. Vibration will occur during operation and the center of gravity will shift with the shock. Over time, it is easy to cause accidents. Therefore, all high-speed devices need to be firmly fixed to the foundation. To avoid collapse.

The connection of large-scale equipment with the foundation is mainly completed by the device round head bolts. After simple horn adjustment, measure the vertical position and degree position of the equipment requiring round head bolts, and then grout the equipment firmly. As long as it is adequately fixed, it is necessary to ensure that industrial equipment does not oscillate or collapse due to excessive speed during operation, which enhances the stability of equipment operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the bolts implanted into the foundation tower, the selection and installation process of the Round Head Bolt should be highly emphasized. According to the application scope and technical essentials of different varieties, from the construction hole size to the embedded depth of the concrete, Strictly control the quality of device construction in terms of mold removal and acceptance.