Indira Securities is one of the reputed stock broker in India. TradeInsta i.e. our mobile trading application is one of the best in the market. Our application facilitates smooth and hassle-free trading and investing experience. Below are some of the features of the mobile application that makes it appealing for our clients.

Key Features of TradeInstaMobile Application

  • Live Market Overview

With TradeInsta mobile application you can have access to the live market. You can see the live streaming of prices of stocks and commodities. You can even see the market depth and other significant information about the stock on the application.


  • Scanner

The scanner feature of the mobile application facilitates analytical study of the stock. Here you have access to the fundamentals and technicalsof the stock. It helps you analyse the performance of the stock and make smart trading and investment moves.


  • Fundamental and Technical Score

By using TradeInsta application, you can know the fundamental and technical score of a stock. The stock with a good score means that you can purchase it in your portfolio. While the stock with a lower score are weak in nature.


  • Notes

This feature of the application allows you to post comments about the financial market. You can keep your notes private or share with everyone on the forum. Moreover, it also helps you get insights from other traders and investors on your query or comments.


  • News and Announcement

This feature of the TradeInsta application gives you access to all the news and announcement related to the stock market and economy. In addition, you can see the specific news and updates about a stock as well.


  • Charts

Charts are of significant importance to the traders. TradeInsta application gives you access to charts of the stock and helps you take informed trading decisions. You can read the charts and determine the future movement of the stock price.


  • Research Calls

TradeInstaapp regularly provides trading and investing calls to the clients. This helps them in making money on intraday basis and also building a healthy portfolio.

The above mentioned are a few features of the TradeInsta mobile trading application. If you want to open demat account you can click on this link.

You can download our TradeInsta mobile application from the below mentioned links.

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