Microwave curing machine is used to cure the glue. In fact, it is a heating device.
If it is the silica gel used in the tire, it must be a fluorosilicone compound. The fluorosilicone compound cannot be cured at normal temperature, and it must be heated and vulcanized.
Silicone rubber is cured at room temperature. This is a single and two component silicone rubber. Which one is used depends on the device you need to make. The oil resistance and abrasion resistance of fluorosilicone rubber are higher than those of silicone rubber. It depends on your product,rubber extruder machine is a flat plate press with heating form. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high pressure and wide adaptability. Mainly used for vulcanization of rubber products, such as small and medium-sized mold products, tapes, rubber sheets, O-rings, etc.