Drupal is one of the major PHP based open-source development platform which empowers more than 2.2% of all the websites running on the internet. It is used for websites with all the sizes and functions. There is a set of specific tools which has made it the third most widely used content management system. When we talk about Drupal website development, it is something known to be more than just the module installation. It would not be wrong to say that Drupal is not just a system but a community that keeps functioning on the Drupal CMS.

Today more and more website owners are striving to acquire Drupal development services so that they can utilize its functionality and flexibility to fulfil their development requirements. It has already become one of the major options for web developers. In nutshell, the features of the Drupal allow users to get the best of both worlds. Apart from this, with Drupal, the website owners can ensure they are delivering the best online experience to the visitors.

Despite these things, people have witnessed some kind of security issues with Drupal websites. Today, we are going to address these security issues. This blog would also guide you with quick and easy ways to secure your Drupal website quickly.

How to secure your Drupal website?

Update your Drupal Core and Modules: This is one of the simplest ways to secure the Drupal website. This protects you from the Drupalgeddon2 Security threat. Ignoring the regular updates of both Drupal Core and its modules can be very harmful to your website. Make sure your Drupal version is updated and do not forget to use the security patches as soon as they are available. You should also prevent leaving your website exposed and exploitable. To make it more secure you take necessary measures to seal the loopholes in your Drupal Core immediately.

Install Drupal Security Modules: To add the extra layer of security to your Drupal Website you should install some of strong Drupal Security modules. These modules work like a shield for your website. It is very easy to implement such modules. Some of the popular options of security modules are secure login, captcha, two-factor authentication, security kit, password policy, etc. Along with that, these are some of the other policies that should be on the top in your security checklist.

  • Strong Password Policy
  • Monitoring changes in DNS
  • Locking down the website from all the security threats
  • Turn on the firewall on your website
  • Blocking all the sources of malicious threats

Remove the unnecessary modules: If your Drupal website has some kind of unused modules then you should remove them. This is one of the easiest things that can be implemented even by the non-technical person for the protection of the website. These kind of modules are a security threat to the website.

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