How Are Tax Revenues Distributed Among The Different Demographics In The Usa? Finance Articles | April 10 Cheap Fernandinho Jersey , 2012

The distribution of income taxes in the United States has always been what one would consider progressive, meaning that the more you make, the higher percentage you pay in. What is going on with the ...

The distribution of income taxes in the United States has always been what one would consider progressive, meaning that the more you make Cheap Fabian Delph Jersey , the higher percentage you pay in. What is going on with the political scene today is that more and more Americans feel the wealthiest 1 percent are not doing their part in tax payments. But is this the reality? To understand the answer to that question, there are a variety of factors of importance. First of all, what does an individual make compared to their basic needs and living expenses? Secondly, how are ones monies distributed within their network of wealth? Thirdly Cheap Eliaquim Mangala Jersey , what services are being neglected as a result of inability to pay? One must understand all these questions to have a firm grasp on the concept of who's paying more and doing their part. With that said, tax revenues are distributed among the different U.S. demographics in the following ways:


The lowest income bracket


There is a swing of about 23 percent, according to 2009 numbers, in what a low income and high income person pay in. Low income persons paid at around -11 percent Cheap Ederson Moraes Jersey , while high income earners paid a little more than 13 percent. Tax loopholes exist within the system to make these numbers possible for both groups. But the one thing the distribution numbers fail to reveal is this: sales tax. No American can get out of paying sales tax, which exists on everything from food to gas. While richer Americans are able to swallow the food and gas costs with minimal effect on their ability to provide for themselves and fulfill basic human needs, lower income groups may be unable to get by. Consider a family of four trying to get by on just $30,000 per year. By the rough numbers listed above Cheap David Silva Jersey , they may not seem to "pay their fare share," but the sales tax rates, which are often around 10 percent nationally, mean they pay much more in than they can afford to Cheap Danilo Jersey , while the wealthy are largely unaffected.


Federal Revenue Sources


As far as federal revenue sources are concerned, around 44 percent comes from individual income taxes, while 42 percent comes from payroll taxes. That means for every $1 billion in federal revenue, $440 million is derived from individual income taxes. Unfortunately Cheap Claudio Bravo Jersey , the group that gets the most heavily squeezed when it comes to the percentage of actual income earned and the financial obligations they have, is the middle class, which is rapidly disappearing. So while the wealthiest Americans are technically paying a higher amount in tax revenue, the cost of living against earnings puts poorer Americans at an extreme disadvantage. Article Tags: Distributed Among Cheap Brahim Diaz Jersey , Income Taxes, Federal Revenue

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Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th, 2010


What is so fascinating about starting a home internet business? Is it the allure of working from home? Is it the idea that there are millions of people out there on the web?


Starting a successful home based internet business from scratch is difficult. There is no way around this fact. Now there are several things that can make this easier.


If you have lots of money to spend on adverting you can shorten the time it takes to become successful. If you have money to spend on advertising and tools to automate the process of marketing your new home internet business then you can get going even faster.


Now because we all want to get results yesterday there is a selection of tools out there geared for this mind set. Unfortunately many of these systems are very ineffective and are borderline unethical. I suggest you don?t fall into the instant results mentality.


For those that don?t have the extra money to spend on tools and advertising there are free methods of promotion. Promoting your home internet business for free might also sound attractive. Yet while you can use free advertising methods they do require time.


There really is no way around making some kind of investment in starting your own home internet business. Just like in the real world it takes time to building a skyscraper. It takes time to build something real that will have lasting value and purpose. If you are going to put time and or money into building a home internet business then focus on building value and purpose into your business.


If you provide a valuable service people will be willing to pay for it. If you offer valuable advice people will be willing to pay for it.


So now you might be thinking, I don?t have lots of time and I don?t have lots of money Cheap Bernardo Silva Jersey , so what can I do? Ask yourself this question; if you knew that putting in say 4 or 5 hours a week for three years would let you quite your regular job and work from home would you be interested? Three years might seem like a long time but if you don?t do something different you can?t really expect different results can you?


So, take positive steps each day toward building and promoting your home internet business.


The reality is that you need to keep a long term focus. Roman empire wasn?t built in a day and neither will your home internet business empire.


That being said, you might consider combine some time with some money to speed the process some. With some tools you will be able to leverage the amount of time you do have.


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