Features of product identification
Product identification is an information indicator formed during the long-term production and sales of products. Therefore, product identification should usually be accompanied by the product. But not all products need product identification, such as naked food and some naked products. In addition, the product identification shall truthfully record the relevant information of the product, and there shall be no false publicity or exaggeration, otherwise, the producers and sellers of the product identification will bear similar legal responsibilities as the false publicity products.
In addition, product identification has a strong purpose. Product identification is to inform consumers about the production status, main functions and corresponding quality issues of this product, and has the purpose of attracting consumers to buy the product. Thirdly, in order to reflect the quality and characteristics of the product, each product logo is matched with the product. It can be said that each product logo has its own unique identity, just like a human fingerprint, two different Products cannot have the same product logo. In addition, the identification of the product does not come out suddenly, it is produced along with the process of step by step production of the product. There are requirements for product identification in these processes, including the production, assembly, and production of products. Finally, product bottle labels must be authentic and must have a fairly objective description to reflect the corresponding characteristics of the product. After all, the product logo is not an advertisement. It promotes the product based on the characteristics of the original product. First priority.