Cubicle curtains provide privacy to patients and health care workers while helping create dynamic, useful spaces inside larger rooms. Mesh cubical curtains are among the most popular varieties because they are lightweight, easy to wash, and durable.

Conforming to the Highest Standard
The curtains used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities must conform to certain technical specifications; selecting curtains, curtain tracks, and other cubicle components in accordance with current best practices and safety codes is important for many reasons. For instance:

Comply with fire safety codes by selecting fabrics rated for use in healthcare environments
Facilitate effective fire sprinkler use through proper curtain hanging technique
Dampen environmental noise to enhance patient comfort with dense fabrics
Create a private space for patients and their healthcare providers with opaque fabrics
Select mesh fabrics for superior air circulation and good visibility
Mesh curtains can be easily customized with a variety of features that make them distinctive from other curtains in your facility. This is a good way of distinguishing different wards and sections of large hospital settings. Developing an optimal curtain cubicle arrangement is simple thanks to dynamic curtain track systems that can be placed and removed as the need arises. Products are perfectly compatible with curtain track systems; we even offer additional track components to replace broken or worn out elements.


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