SBCGlobal email, a widely used email service across the globe, has an adequate customer base making it one of the most popular email clients. Catering to the basic mail requirements of the users, sometimes there occur different issues when the client is trying to send emails. One of the errors which the searchers can confront is the 550 error code which gets displayed on the SBCGlobal email screen. The main reason behind this snag is some issue with the email address of the recipient. There can be different underlying and subsidiary reasons behind the main issue which you can read in this blog. You can come to know about the various causes and their own solutions. There are two ways by which you can resolve this specific issue. One is by manual troubleshooting after executing the steps given below, and the other is by taking technical assistance at Sbcglobal email tech support number. It is mandatory to fix the issue on an urgent basis; otherwise, you won't be able to send messages to different email recipients.

Reasons why SBCGlobal error 550 occurs

There are a few main causes of why this particular issue occurs in the first place. They are:

  • Reason 1-When the authentication has been blocked
  • Reason 2-If, the users, are sending emails from the wrong email address
  • Reason 3-When the concerned person is trying to send messages to an incorrect mail recipient

Reason 1-

Sometimes when the authentication has been blocked, the users can come across the issue where they are not able to send the mails. One of the main reason behind this is the SMTP ( outgoing server settings) are not appropriate. In order to fix the dilemma, the following steps are recommended

  • Open the mail program and then navigate to the option of SMTP authentication.
  • After that, put a tick mark on ‘My server requires authentication.’
  • If you have configured SBCGlobal mail with the third party email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Live Mail, then the authentication process will start automatically. After it is done, you need to confirm ‘Yes’ for the setup.

Reason 2-

Sometimes it can happen that the users are sending emails via an incorrect email address. It is best that you keep these points in mind so as to avoid particular snag.

  • Make sure that the username and password you are entering are corresponding to each other and are of the same account.
  • The account can also ask you to undergo the verification process. In that case, you will be asked to enter the email address twice.
  • While setting up an email address, do not add any special character; otherwise, the server will not recognize it.
  • After configuring the setup, it takes around 24 hours for the activation process to complete.

Reason 3-

There are a few things that you must keep in mind in order to avoid this error.

  • While entering the recipient’s email address, ensure that you are entering it correctly.
  • If you have any doubt on the same, you can always confirm it with the client
  • Ensure that the receiver servers are completely free from faults

Once you deploy all the possible solutions, you can easily fix this error. In case you require technical assistance and are not able to resolve the issue even after manual troubleshooting, then you can get in touch with the certified experts at

Sbcglobal email customer care.


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