How to Install Fyde OS | The Triple OS Support - Built-in Android support

Hi friends today i am going to tell you here about the fyde os, the os that suppors three os in single system. if you want to run os that support three operating system in single pc and single boot then fyde os is only our choice. It supports android, linux as well as chromium os. It stands on chrome(chromium) but also android support and basic linux support in beta. An android runs flawlessly without any delay and lag. The chrome(chromium) runs at fast as we know. It has fast operating system with 3 os distribution support. It runs in old pc too.
you have old pc and that pc has hang problem , system error problem or slow system problem then we have a solution there. That is install this os in that pc or laptop. This os runs fast , and it is a full featured pc os that supports android os buit-in ( you have to do nothing to run, it is already loaded). It is not like other os(like virtual box) , it runs on pc direct pc and laptop. It has great features to use for us. It has linux support also, in there you can do some simple linux commands, if you want to install command option , you also can by downloading that service, like snap etc... You can also install linux app store here, store like snap, flatpak, etc... In order to install linux beta you need internet and around 300mb data for linux beta, it will auto download linux files from internet(it takes 15-20 minute for full install in first time) You can install deb file directly in linux beta(on fyde os).

Fyde os is like cloudready but it has extended feature that is support for android application. Yes you can download and run android application easily in fyde os. Android os is pre-loaded in fyde os , only you have to click on some option(window option). Also google play support is available in fyde os. This is great os for us or anyone who want to run pc version of android os on pc. It runs on high end pc so fast. It's windows default size , look is owesome well designed and display view is according to your pc and also customizable. You can change screen dpi, resolution easily from settings. Android takes few seconds to activate in fyde os but linux beta takes 15-20 minutes on first time because for linux fyde os download the required files from internet. If your internet speed is fast then less time will take. It is first time only , after this you can run linux instantly in fyde os.

It is an os based on chromium os, but pre-assembled other os too. Basically the chromium androidbats version comes here , based on chromium os, it is like a standalone chrome os but without google play. And cloudready has little more features than androidbats chromium because it had added liux beta support and chromium os of course. But fyde os has extended feature among these os. After knowing some features and difference about these os, now we move ahead to fyde os section...
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