The utility model relates to a stone cutting device, in particular to a bridge cutting machine for cutting stone.
At present, the cutting equipment for cutting granite, marble and other stone materials usually uses a special machine base for concrete. The stone is placed on the platform of the machine base, and the platform is translated along the track by rack drive. This kind of equipment is that the tool does not move and the object moves, so it occupies a large area, consumes large electricity and high cost, and the machine base of the cutting machine is poured with the ground and cannot be moved.
The purpose of the utility model is to provide a bridge cutting machine which is small in size, light in weight, and easy to relocate. It is suitable for cutting various kinds of stone and can be installed in large and small construction sites and stone processing plants.
The technical solution of the utility model is such that the bridge cutting machine is composed of a frame, a self-filtering water tank, a supporting wall, a guide shaft, a liftable component, a positioning plate, a cutter, a motor and a water pump. Water filtering tank; support walls are provided at both ends of the frame, and the variable support wall is hinged on both sides of the frame by bolts through the movable shaft holes at the front end of the support wall, and there are angle adjusting grooves at the rear of the support wall, and the adjusting screws pass through the angle The groove fastens the support wall to the frame. There are two guide shaft holes on the upper part of the support wall. The two guide shafts are respectively fixed on the guide shaft holes to form a bridge-type double guide shaft structure. There are liftable components on the two guide shafts. The component includes the housing, the bottom plate, the guide post, the guide post sleeve, the lead screw, the lead screw sleeve, the linear bearing, the hand wheel and the handle. The two guide shafts pass through the two linear bearings respectively, which can make the component easily on the guide shaft. The two ends of the upper moving bottom plate are respectively fixed with guide pillars, and the two guide pillars pass through the guide sleeves fixed on both sides of the shell, respectively. The screw sleeve is fixed at the center of the bottom plate. Handwheel, turn the handwheel to adjust the top of the component Position to achieve the purpose of lifting the handle fixed to the upper portion of the housing, lateral hand to promote the process.