The fully automatic labeling machine was developed after people became more and more efficient in production and the technology matured. The fully automatic labeling machine can complete the labeling work without manual assistance. With the continuous innovation of equipment technology, performance continues Improved, fully automatic labeling machines are widely used in various industries.
The humanized labeling machine is in the new era of intelligent equipment. The fully automatic labeling machine can no longer meet the needs of factory production. The humanized labeling machine requires not only efficient labeling, but also a very high appearance value. It is more reliable in safety performance, can actively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and can only increase the expansion module according to different production requirements, which can upgrade the equipment and meet the various requirements of customers.
During the operation of the labeling machine, the product advances to the labeling machine on a uniform speed conveyor _, and the fixing device on the machine _ evenly separates the fixed distance between the products, and the driving wheel on the machine intermittently drags the label belt The label tape is pulled out from the reel. When the infrared light on the conveyor belt senses the product, the drive wheel will drive the label tape to forward shrink sleeve labels, and the label will be affixed to the product passing on the conveyor belt. In the process The speed of the label belt and the conveyor belt must be matched. After the brush is pressed or the product rolls on the conveyor belt, the label is more firmly attached to the product.