Improper use of Basic Copper Sulphate can be harmful to human eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

Effects of short-term overexposure

Inhalation: Inhalation of high-concentration cupric sulfate sulfate can irritate the upper respiratory tract. In severe cases, throat edema, bronchitis and even pulmonary edema may occur.

Eye contact: Conjunctivitis and edema are caused by splashing with Basic Copper Sulphate, and the cornea is cloudy and perforated.

Skin contact: Local tingling, skin changes from flushing to dark brown.

Oral: Immediately after taking the Basic Copper Sulphate by mistake, severe burning pains in the mouth, pharynx, chest and abdomen. Burns on the lips, mouth, and pharynx can cause ulcerations. The vomit and diarrhea are black in blood. Road perforation. The lethal dose of orally concentrated copper sulphate is about 5 ml.

Effects of long-term exposure

Those with long-term exposure to Basic Copper Sulphate mist may have symptoms such as atrophy of the nasal mucosa with reduced or disappearing olfaction, chronic bronchitis, and tooth erosion.