Operating rules of rubber hose production line

Preparations before starting up.
Equipment operators must be trained in skills and safety procedures before they can operate on the machine. ① The materials used for extrusion production should meet the required production requirements and further processing if necessary. ② According to the product type and size, select the specifications of the machine head, and install the machine head in the following order: the machine head flange, the mold body, the die, the perforated plate and the filter screen. ③ Check the surface work of the cooling system and heating system. ④ Adjust the gap of the die evenly and check whether the center line of the main machine and the auxiliary machine is aligned. ⑤ Start each operating equipment, check whether the operation is normal, and find out the fault and remove it in time. ⑥ Turn on the electric heater and uniformly heat up the fuselage head and the first fuselage, the second fuselage, and the third fuselage. When the temperature of each part is about 10C higher than the normal production temperature, keep the temperature constant for 30-60min, so Temperature is balanced.